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UZI Expandable Baton – 26 Inch

Item #: UZI-EXB-26

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UZI Expandable Baton – 26 Inch

The expandable steel baton comes with a padded handle for easy gripping and a FREE heavy-duty nylon holster with belt loop for easy carrying. If you are looking for effective self-defense with extra reach, the expandable steel baton is it.

Product Features

  • 26 inch Open – 10 inches close
  • Black Shaft
  • Nylon Holster Case
  • Made in European Union

It is best to get professional training to ensure you know how to use this self defense product effectively. This expandable steel baton is great for both offensive and defense techniques you would need to employ in a self defense situation.

Most police officers in the US are issued telescopic batons in place of the old billy clubs. The included holster has a built in belt loop to easily fit on duty rigs of security guards and other law enforcement personnel. Positive locking system. Expandable baton will not collapse when you need it extended.
Easily Hidden Till Right When You Need It!

Expandable batons fit perfect in your boot or next to you in your car. If a bad guy wants to make trouble, you’ll have something for them. Collapsible batons can be easily hidden and quickly extended for immediate use. A whack with one of these will make someone think twice.

Tip: To close the extendable baton, simply tap at an angle and then strike straight down on an unyielding surface.