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SOG Duo Knife

Item #SG-SD86

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SOG Knives


SOG Duo Knife

Just when you thought a knife was just a knife, SOG has created one that is more… much more. The new SOG Duo almost defies description. Is it a fixed blade or a folding knife? You decide.

The Duo has not one 2.75” stainless steel blade, but two! Can’t decide between a straight or serrated edged blade? Don’t worry,
the Duo solves this debate by offering both versions for enhanced performance capabilities. Any flat-head screwdriver or pocket coin will unscrew the bolt holding the second blade and allow it to be turned.

The Duo has a safety frame that surrounds the blade and retracts into the handle. Some people would call this a sheath, we think of it as a great idea. For added safety, a special locking device keeps the safety frame held into the handle when the chosen blade is in-use. The Duo’s blade of choice can be quickly and easily accessed with one hand, so you can be prepared for anything,

Of course there is a removable clip and lanyard holes to provide a variety of mounting options. The Duo is perfect for any outdoor scenario including water sports, backpacking, boating, climbing, or just to put in your tacklebox or toolbox for those unexpected adventures! The Duo: because two blades are better than one!

Features all stainless steel construction